Sunday, April 26, 2009

nice sunday

I woke up and 7am waiting for people to come to fetch me to church on Sunday morning. I didn't get to sleep well last night as I've been dreaming and I got up about 3am; awaken after the dream. Moreover last night i came back very late, making me felt so sleepy.

This flower decoration is a gift from Mr. and Mrs. Ong to the church. Nice leh..... Carnations and lilies.... Last time they bought roses on Easter. Thank you so much oh!

In the afternoon, all of us (the youths) went for a buffet lunch at Ipoh Country Club (I.C.C.C.) with the leaders as well; sponsored by Aunty Rebecca Soo! (FOC summore!) Thank you so much Aunty. She's our youth leader in church. The desert was delicious.....yummie.....but I'm too full to take more.

The mango pudding is super nice! I wish I know how to make one.....

I left early and i got back to pack my stuff to Singapore this Thursday night. I don't have much time to pack for the next 3 days, I will have to work overtime for tax filing....
I hate to write my time sheet for this, because the time is uncertain and I might do anything at anytime. Sigh.... Wasting my time to actually 'create' a time sheet out of no where.

Any how, I'm going for my 3 days holiday with my mom and granny to Singapore to visit my Aunty Bee Bee's new house there and my cousins. I went there last December by tour and it was very tiring and I couldn't get to sleep well in the bus....LOL!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday morning.....

Yawn!!!! I am very lazy to wake up on Saturday mornings. It's the only day throughout the week that I can wake up late a bit because today is not a working day for me.

But still I need to get up before 11am to fetch my cousin sister from my old school.

Unfortunately I found myself got up at 7AM!! I laid on my bed until 9am before i got up to iron my clothes and had my breakfast.
I just had 2 fishballs! I wished that I can have the breakfast I had 2 days ago.

Isn't it delicious? It kinda looked like sushi roll using eggs and crabsticks. Mom bought me that before I went off to work. But thanked God that I still have my breakfast everyday even if it's a small or little one.

Later in the afternoon, I need to go to Neways' store to get my shampoo. Last night I used until the last dropped already. I desperately need it today. I don't use commercial shampoo anymore because it contains SLS that will only detoxify 5 days later after consuming it once.
Thinking about I've been using them for over 20 years of my life.....yucks! Lucky I found the solution with Neways before I get old.

I've got to get going now before I'm late.