Monday, August 31, 2009


Today is Malaysia's 52th Independence Day. Actually I almost lost count of how many years we had Independence Day until I missed spell Independence = Independant. Haha.

This morning dear dear called me wake up at about 9am.
I missed the days where I can sleep until 1pm on holidays.

Mom asked me to go Parade with her. I had my bath and my breakfast in a rush because she's not a patient person to wait. Haha.

Bought few tops at Hang Ten with 70% discount minimum 2 pieces.

Sales on Merdeka's Day....

Went to popular shop and got myself some stationeries again.
@ Wai Mun, this time I bought one bunch of pens ah, I couldn't resist them.

I also bought a puzzle to fill in my spare time.

People said that those who loved to complete puzzle are those who are missing something in their life that they wanted to put them back together again to complete their life.

The dearest 'zan' me that my piano got improve. Happy. n_n

Sunday, August 30, 2009

ThE upsET WEEkENds

Thursday 27th August 2009
I prepared supper for me and cousin Michelle.

Wai Mun introduced me to use Prego's cheese spaghetti sauce.
So I bought one.

Written at the back it can serve 3 servings just like that.

Delicious but a bit salty and heavy. Should have add some water to it.
Lesson : never to trust the instruction on can food.

I asked Michelle to help me cut the garlics.

And found this.....

Spoiled garlic....


Friday 28th August 2009

Got up early morning to prepare my lunch using the rest of the cheese sauce.
This time I add some sugar and water.

But it is still very heavy.....I couldn't finish it during lunch.

The dearest came to fetch me after work. Earlier we discuss that we would go to Menglembu AZ saloon to get a hair cut. But then he told me last minute he wanted to go Jusco's Hairport. Sigh. - 1st upset -

He showed me a new japanese restaurant opened in Jusco.
(I was delighted and happy but suppress the feeling)
He thought got 50% discount on spaghetti but when we got there, there was no promotion....
- 2nd upset -

There's this rack that caught my attention. It holds many japanese mini dolls.

I regretted to go Hairport Jusco for the hair cut. I don't like the way he cut my hair and the outcome also not for me. My hair is already very little amount, he went to cut more thinner. And now I had to blow my hair everyday in order not to look like an idiot. - 3rd upset -

My blog counter reached my favourite number!!

I told the dearest that he must go to see doctor this saturday because I won't be around next week and he won't be around for the exam after that.
Eventually I got upset because he doesn't want to go and said that there is nothing wrong with him. (He's having gastric every week because he don't take his meal on time.) My manager introduced me to get him to see a doctor in Bercham who is good in treating gastric patients. While I tried to get a good doctor to help him and he went to turn down my effort.
- 4th upset -


Saturday 29th August 2009

The dearest called me early in the morning about 8 and asked me out.
I got frustrated because I didn't get enough sleep. I asked whether can go out a bit late or not but he said he wanted breakfast and he said he need to go out to Bercham to ask something.

But he chatted on the phone with me about one hour before I told him to put down the phone so that I can get ready.

He came to fetch me after that.

1st stop at Ebony Guitar, looking a guitar for Aunty Mee Lean.

I saw this white colour guitar by Phoenix.

It's look beautiful but he said the quality very bad.

Then lunch at Ipoh Garden East near Sze Chung's house and then to church.
We reached church around 12pm, the practice was scheduled at 3pm.
He wanted to practice his drums that's why we went there early.
And then it was like I do my stuff he do his stuff.
- 5th upset -

Waited 2 hours for them to finish practice and he had me waited for another 45 minutes for drums again.

After that he asked me where to have dinner. I said 'Aneka Selera' (tong ku teng). He don't want. Then I let him to decide since the place I said he don't want to go. It happens always so there is no point to me to suggest where to go.
- 6th upset -


Sunday 30th August 2009

Today Jensen was suppose to bring his laptop for the slides but he forgotten. Lucky he had his mother to take for him.

Today Calisa brought her boyfriend to church. They've been together for about a year liao and I only got to know today. Outdated jor.

After church her family are going to Cameron Highlands for a day trip, inviting Seem Yee and me to go as well. Aunty Rebecca asked whether the dearest wanted to go or not, he said no because he need to study. I felt something strange about it and I went to ask him again. Then only I found out that he's going back today.
- 7th upset -

Great! Didn't tell me in the first place. If you are asking me why don't I ask him earlier, my answer would be he don't let me ask questions like 'when will you be back?' But don't get me wrong, I understand why he don't like/want me to ask that question, it's quite personal. I'm not upset about this. I am upset when he said he already told me when he didn't and I don't know about him telling me. All I know that I don't dare to ask him about that question only.
The truth is I felt heartache on situation like when he decide upon something and thought that he already told me when he haven't and he cling on to 'I already told you'.

The worst part of the week :
I got upset.
He said something like this : shouldn't you be happy that I take the time to come back to accompany you for 2 days? do you know that I may come back on Sunday morning instead?

The appreciation point : Thank you for coming back to see me and taking me to a nice restaurant for dinner on Friday night and watch drama on Sunday afternoon.

The upset point : It is more like I accompany him to do his stuff than he accompanying me. And his style of conversation.........

Well dear, I'm sorry to give you a blue face these days, there's just too many things is going in my head and my heart.

Always love you.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


I thought I wanted to update my blog yesterday but when my mom fetch me from work, she told me that the phone line got problem since 9 in the morning -> no internet.


I was so boring at home without the internet.

I thought of doing something else, like doing my homework and copy down my sms and call list.
But I ended up letting cousin Michelle use my laptop to watch Hannah Montana and I was chatting on the phone with the dearest.
Disappointments comes in when we only chat for half an hour while the other half an hour was a silent phone. Nothing to talk.
And then I ended up forgotten to cook my spaghetti. Already prepared the noodles but forgotten to boil them.


Yesterday I counted my 73 notes and gave them to my Aunty Doris to bank-in.

So hard to find them.....

Now I had to give them up to the bank......


I saw cheap chips more at Yoon Foong yesterday during lunch.

RM3 for 2 packs.

I quickly get them because my food is out of stock liao.
(It's almost expire date liao that's why so cheap)

But it's ok for me. I can finish them within 2 weeks plus I'm going to Penang next week on company trip.

Going to Penang and Kedah to see the famous drawing. Then go jalan-jalan in Penang.

:-( Dear dear not going with me.........sob sob
He got exam.....sob sob.........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Finally, the game in my facebook called Restaurant City had reached to the highest level at 27 with eight employees.

I arranged the floor tiles into a pink heart-shape.
And then I had a library-like waiting room to get the customers wait a longer time to get their seats.
I have 16 seats with eight meals at level 10.
I bought 4 different kinds of gas stove and a drink machine.
Currently achieve 9 awards.

Now I'm trying to decorate the restaurant as much as I can but maintain a spacious place I hope.
The more I buy the more I do not know where to put. Haha.


Meanwhile, the other day I went for dinner with the dearest at Inn Cafe.

He promised me long ago to go with me there and finally the chance came.
(I forced myself don't want to go there even if I had the chance....)

Dear dear wanted to seat near the aquarium where they had different kinds of small fish.

There is also 2 live creatures (I don't know what it called) that has the ability to eat 'rubbish' inside the aquarium.

These 2 marine creatures survive with eating the dirty things they can find....that's their food....

The other day went I passed by the cafe, I saw the board saying set dinner with Tomyam Seafood Spaghetti looks very delicious. I had to order one.

Not so disappointing, quite nice also. I finished the whole thing except the greens and onions.

The dearest ordered a Vietnamese Chicken Chop.

The chicken was all right but the smashed potato was unacceptable for me.
But he went to order another smashed potato..... =.="


I found 2 50 dollar notes with 73 on Sunday caused me to have a empty wallet lunch had cost all that I had today.....

Sunday, August 23, 2009

dEAr dEAr's cONvO phOTO

After church today, Eric, Ah Mei, the dearest and me went to Lavender for lunch. It's a rare occasion that the 4 of us have the chance to sit down for a meal.

Coincidentally they came back this weekend and Pastor also came.

Me, dear dear, Ah Mei, Eric, Aunty En Ren and Pastor Peter.

I was really touched by the work of God.

Dear dear's convo photo finally arrive.

Dear dear took out the picture to show me. Ah Mei was like telling me there is something not right about it.

The first look on it, I was like my eyes open wide.....
I have a white pale face.
Tak boleh tahan liao.....


Luckily his mom doesn't want the frames. Basically the only nice picture is the one taken during the receiving scroll session.

Though so, I thought I wanted to have a copy of the photos.
Just forgotten to copy the soft copy from the disc.
Next week ask dear dear to copy for me.

pAsTOr pETEr chIN Is bAck!!!!!!!!!!

Yesterday we all went to Pastor Peter Chin's house to help him to pack his stuff because he is moving into the new house.

HE IS BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finally get to see him back in Ipoh since May 13. That time I also don't have the chance to see him but now I'm so happy that he is back! And he recognized me immediately when he saw me. I went to Aunty Wai Khoon's place to take the keys and they were having lunch with Pastor.
He can eat by his own, move his hands and legs, talks slowly and he can now WALK!

It's an amazing thing that within 3 months, he recovery speed is superb! This is so amazing the work of God. 3 months back we were so worried but now people tears because they are happy. Praise God!

The church helped out in packing Pastor's house.

He just can't sit still. He wanted to help in packing too.

We are all so happy to see him.

Today he came to church, brings a great joy to the church. The aunties started to cry to see the miracle on Pastor in God's grace.

Aunty En Ren shared her experience with us about the things that she and her family went through during this test. She was really worried and she doesn't know what will happen. But she hold on to God's word and she believes in God, trust in God that He will heal Pastor and he will be all right.

God do answer prayers.

Although we come from a different family, different background, different origins but when we come together in Christ, we are......

One happy family.

Victory goes to the Lord Jesus Christ!


Friday, August 21, 2009

'17 AGAIN'

Just watched '17 again' with the dearest. Yeah. It's a rare opportunity therefore have to treasure it much.

After watching it, I wondered if it happens to me what would I do? Will I make the same decision again or I'll choose again? I just told the dearest what it actually means that 'what had been done is done and there is no way to over do it.' Well then we have to move forward.

Truly come to think of it, will I make the decision again?
Well, the answer is yes. I will still make that same decision then because it's an answer prayer. A prayer that I've always wanted. Although it seemed to be blur right now but I had not regret to have that decision made. Some times there are things that are not right and thing doesn't always goes the way we wanted it but through out the days I was happy.

I just want things to get better but it seemed to be getting worst. There are things that I just cannot control and there are things that I can control but not allowed to control.
I prayed to God it this is His will, I will get along with it.
I don't want to linger in depression. Things just have to move on.

The earth won't stop circling for you to get things right.
The time won't wait for you to get things done.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

kfc's NEW prOmOTION

Today Jia Hao, Wai Mun and me went to KFC for lunch on my invitation. Since such a long time I don't have KFC lunch so I suggested to KFC and there were just 2 of them having lunch today.

I got in the front seat and I saw this little thing on the rubber.

It dropped on top of his car and he kept it for his girlfriend.

When we reached there, 3 of us saw the new promotion KFC is promoting.

The new shrimp stix combo.

We were interested in the shrimp and it looked delicious therefore the 3 of us ordered 3 sets of the combo.

It served with syrup but we asked for an exchange for pepsi.

Ah, here comes the interesting part. This is the shrimp. Nice?

Want to see how BIG it is?


Sweat. Really sweat.

It is smaller than the size of my drumstick. We really got sweat when we first saw the shrimp. Comparing to the picture we saw......

We are happily thought it's cheap with only RM10.25 with the BIG shrimp.

Kena tipu liao. So teruk.

Without realising, we finished our lunch within 30 minutes of arrival and me and Wai Mun still got time to lepak in the stationery shop next door.

Each of us bought this cute coin box.

And I bought pens again. Got scolded by Wai Mun because I just had one pen going to finish ink but I got myself 3 more pens. I'm going crazy on stationeries!!!!!

I also got myself some stationeries yesterday.

A HSM3 notebook.

And some paper holder.

M&G pens for trials.

Found this cheaper than Pilot pens that we are using now. So why not give it a try since it can produce almost the same result and it's cheaper.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


I can't explain how frustrating I am now. What I was hoping for my happy weekends was just everything is not right. I felt hopeless. Truly I am angry but was forced to suppress it and to smile at it but I've got no strength to do both. Angry but can't angry, smile but can't smile. I'm so tired of all these things had happen. Can I start to say that 'why life is so miserable?'

With the help of God things doesn't go as bad as it can be.

But don't you just get pissed off when you were telling someone what is right and what is wrong and your friend just stops you from continuing without listening? Don't you just get angry when your friend are so stubborn to listen to you? All this is making felt like whatever I say people would not take the time to listen or respect while I had to listen and respect what they say? I'm just so tired of this. I am getting lazier and lazier to talk and to respond. It's like your friend doesn't care about it, so why do I have to care about it for them so much?

Jesus says must forgive people no matter how many times they made you angry. It's true that we must forgive. There are some people who is just so stubborn until they don't know what is right and what is wrong. Once they done something that affects people, they don't see the wrong. They thought it was nothing. And when you tried to advice them, they will just say they are not wrong and there is nothing wrong about it. And when you get angry because they don't admit that they are wrong, they will say that you are wrong because you get angry so easily when they had done nothing wrong. I mean, where is the standard of respect in the world, people? Something which is wrong you can say it is not wrong, and blame on the people who corrects you? What has the world turned to be?

If it is just friends, that situation would most probably just end like that and then we won't be seeing each other again. But what if it happens to family members or neighbours or relatives and maybe close and family friends? We just can't walk off like that.

They just keep telling you don't do this don't do that. Don't get angry, cannot say that you are busy, cannot fried an egg for the cousins, don't be so childish and the rest is just DON'T DON'T DON'T!! They don't me can but I cannot don't them. Is this what it is called fair? I cannot speech out what it right but they can tell you all those things. And they will go why are you so weak? Why do you always have to be angry? Shouldn't I be asking them 'why are you'll always looking down at me and all giving me negative 'support'? While the grandmother giving pressure to the mother and the mother pass the pressure to the children, then what about me? At every angle is giving me pressure and where should I put the pressure? But then in my thoughts that althought they are giving me pressure, others don't deserves the pressure therefore I just can't simply burst it out. Now how come I can thought of these things and they can't, since they claimed that they are so 'mature' and I'm the one is being childish.

All these things happened making me felt like I'm not that important and nobody would listens to me. I can tell you that I'm gonna fail in debate because there will be no chance for me to say anything or whatever I say is just so wrong to everybody.

They are telling me that this is the reality of life. What an ungodly speaking! Jesus Christ came to give life and how can you give discouragement to other people while you are the child of God? I felt so disappointed.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ThE dIffErENT kINds Of fErrErO rOchEr

My boss came back from his mount climbing last night and he came to work today.

He bought us a box of Ferrero Rocher.

I didn't realise there are other flavour in Ferrero Rocher.

This is the normal we used to have.

This one is dark chocolate I think. I haven't try it before....I borrowed my friend's to take a picture.

This is the coconut flavour.

Wanted to eat them but can't. Still having cough.

My dear Michelle is having fever and flu. I just pray that she will get well soon.



What is wait?

The dictionary defines wait as:
1. stay in a particular place or delay doing anything until a particular time or event.
2. be delayed or postponed.
3. (wait on) act as an attendant to.

@ Some people find it worth it.
@ Some people find it hard to wait for something that has no return to them for so long.

Those people who find it worth it to wait is because they wanted to place a hope on the things or people they have been waiting for. Hoping that they will come. Meanwhile those who do not wait doesn't mean that they don't have hope but it's just that they place their hope somewhere else they find worth it for.
Some people tired of waiting because what they are hoping to get doesn't come to them for many times.

To friends :
You are waiting for someone to text you for lunch or dinner or asked you how was your day. Feeling alone waiting in the room while you asking someone for dinner or lunch but they never replied you. Waiting for someone to notice you and know that you are one of them?

To couples (girls) :
You are waiting for the whole day for a call or a sms from him. Wanting to know what he is doing and wait for him to share his life with you Waiting for his free time in order to spend time with him?

To office ladies :
You are working hard in the office and at work, waiting to go home to enjoy your rest or hang out with friends but you are piled up with work and meeting datelines. You do not know when will you finish the work. Wanting to go home and spend time with the family.

To wives :
You prepared dinner waiting for the husband to come home from work and he gave you a last minute call that he is not coming back for dinner. Or waiting for him at home in order to watch a video with him but he just kept coming home late.

Now, what if people never notice about you?
What if your work will never finish?
What if your husband always doesn't want to come home?
What if your boyfriend never calls you?

Well, sooner or later you'll get tired of waiting and thinking what is going on. And then when time goes by you get to be more independent without have to wait for anything and maybe you felt like you can just do good alone. Why wait?
Eventually, people's patient will change through waiting and their attitudes too depending on their own personality. People may also easily get frustrated having patient for too long. You just don't know what will happen next.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

luckY dAY

Today is the last day to submit the limited company's tax form. The dateline is tomorrow actually but the forms must be there tomorrow so today all must courier out.

This year is the most easiest year for my manager because she don't have to stay over night in the office and the work is completely done.

This is because my dear boss is out of the country to do his mountain climbing in Jakarta and he is MIA for a week. Therefore all audit works must be done before he MIA. So basically I don't even have to do overtime for this year.

For the past 2 consecutive year since I started working there, we had a unlucky August 13.


Because it's the last day of submittion and for 2 years in a row......

We need to do our work with computers and stuff and then all of the sudden no electric wor.....
We're hot and panicking, searching for a bright spot to get the paper work done and I had to busy answer the phone call because the phone next to me was the only functioning phone when there is no electricity. (Suddenly I felt like I'm being the receptionist already) Hahaha. It was quite fun though. Everyone were happy when the work is done by the last minutes.

Lucky day this year got electricity.

This morning Parames also cooked us nasi lemak. It taste delicious but it was quite spicy for me. Her ikan bilis was crispy. Nice to chew. She even can open up her own restaurant if she didn't work here.

My 3rd attempt on the spaghetti was yesterday.

@ No cheese this time.

@ Well cooked prawns.

@ The noodles is all right.

@ Forgotten to put salt while boiling the noodles......

Gonna try again tomorrow.
This week saved on the lunch but bought lots of other stuff.

I bought the Johnson's baby oil for my hair....should be better than crystal oil because even though I applied the crystal oil, my hair is still dry.

Ah, I know I'm not supposed to use this one but.....this is for normal use, keratonics smoothing essence is for special use (save the best for the last)

Last night I was feeling dizzy and headaches come. I felt sleepy by 7 something and I can't tahan anymore went to bed at 8 something, and feeling warm. Had my body temperature tested few times before I went to bed.
And then I got up at 3 something in the morning, missed call dear dear; he was doing assignment. He called back asking me to give some advice. We stayed on the phone for about 2 hours. It was like this is the time that I get to stay on the phone with him because he was so busy during the day and we barely had any chance to stay on phone for so long. But I guess I can't stay awake at night all the time. I need to work leh.....
So I stayed awake until 5 something, went back to sleep again when I found my mom was awake. Slept for another hour before getting up to make my lunch.

Today's lunch was 4 pieces of bread, 2 pieces of cheese and 2 crush fried eggs with oregano.
*Don't ever cook eggs with oregano*
I don't like the taste until I couldn't finish them. I was supposed to make egg sandwiches but I forgotten that I already finished up my mayonaise. So no choice lo, have to fry the eggs. I was having the thought of mixing the egg with the oregano so that it won't taste so empty but I was wrong. It is worst than empty......

Tuesday, August 11, 2009



My second attempt.

@ Not salty enough.

@ Too cheezy.

@ The prawn not well cooked.


Tomorrow gonna try another time.

Got myself a high enough tupperware to hold my milo suet so that it wouldn't pour again.

There an awful thing I had today.

I asked Jia Hao to buy me 'bang dai woon' from Moon Moon Restaurant because I didn't go out for lunch. Dear dear asked me have one because it brings cooling to the body, so I get one.

My colleaugues warned me about it because if they want to drink 'leng sui' they probably won't order that. So I thought I can give it a try, it can't be as hard even if it taste bitter.

I got the first taste, YUCKS!!!!!!! Taste like grass!!!!!! And I can still feel like in my mouth right now.

I just forced myself to take few more but I am feeling both wanting to throw up and to release toxic.
Jia Hao made a joke from this saying that I either want to release from the above or from below when Eric asked about it.
I am so sick after consuming it. Can't take it anymore and just throw it away the last minutes before going home.

Mei Yen asked me out for a drink and cancelled it last minutes. I thought I can have laksa tonight tim...

Monday, August 10, 2009


My first attempt on spaghetti agio olio was not a success. After a long time I didn't cook spaghetti and all the while the same type of spaghetti I cooked, decided to cook something different for dear dear on sunday morning.

So the night before I searched on the internet for the steps of cooking it and the ingredient that I need. But I only had olive oil, garlic, cheese, pasta, cheese sausage and crabstick. That's the only things that I got at home on Saturday night and I couldn't go out to get extra. So I just use what I have la.

Got up early on Sunday to cook. I had no idea what I am doing but just used my instinct to do it.

The result :
@ I over cooked the garlic as I thought it supposed to cook the garlic until it burn.

@ I put too much olive oil and when I was cooking I thought not enough. The internet taught me to put in a cup of olive oil. (=.=)" kena tipu.

@ No taste because I don't have spice to add the taste.

@ Too much of pepper, thirsty after consuming it.

Last but not least, dear dear finished them all including my leftovers. :'( sob sob.... so touching....
Don't tell him oh, if not later he will sombong de.....

So today during lunch time I went to the mini market and bought some ingredient for my second attempt tomorrow.

An oregano and another extra virgin olive oil

I don't know what the difference between an extra virgin and a normal olive oil. Haha. I just try different brand la.

This is I bought oregano along too to add the taste. Everyone said that oregano will taste good so I just get one la because there are variety of spice and I don't know to get which one.

Pray for me in my 2nd attempt please......

PS : I wondered why olive oil are store in glass bottles? Well I know that plastics are not good to use but does it have to use glass as packing? And it's quite expensive also oh.