Tuesday, February 16, 2010



It's a new year in the chinese lunar calendar that I noticed in the year of tiger this year, it only had about three hundred and fifty something days (I forgotten the exact number :-) ) compared to last year; the cow's year, three hundred eighty something. Therefore next year's chinese new year also falls on february but not on Valentine's Day, thanked God. I really don't know how to separate myself if every year this occasions falls on the same day.

And so, the first day of CNY, I had breakfast at home with granny, mom and aunt Bee Bee. We had homemade WanTon Mee granny cooked for us.

I went to visit a relative's home with mom before asking her to fetch me to church after that.

The service ended when I got there.....

But I was in time when the aunties were giving out angpows to everyone!!!! Muahahahah!

Later on me, dear dear, Seem Yee and Eric went to aunty Jennifer new house for opening ceremony with lion dance.

See how cute this girl is...

Seem Yee made her curls....
She also made curls on mine....

Dear dear and his grandmother.....she only speaks hakka (i don't understand at all)

The lions arrived at 3pm.

They entered the house. Chinese believed that inviting these lion dance into the house bring prosperity to the family.

Kissing lions n_n

They were lying down to peal the pamelo underneath their 'head'.

nicely done.

Just as it ended, we terus chao dy, but then the little girl in white wouldn't let go of her big sister....

She hung on to the sister and kissed her hard on the cheek. The mother standing beside to watch can't stop laughing.

We thought wanted to go visit Vincent Chin's home but couldn't get in contact with him, guessed he was sleeping, therefore the 4 of us went for KFC tea time. It was hard to find something else to eat on the first day, everywhere also very expensive. Later on me and my family got birthday celebration also.....

Mom called up asking me to buy 'yee sang' for dinner.

Dear dear then drove me to Tuck Kee Restaurant to buy one.

Cousin Ee Wyne happily posing for the camera...

Granny cooked few dishes which is always our favourite

Chicken Wings

Curry Chicken

Fried Mee

and last but not least....


The birthday cake!

We started off with 'lou sang'.
Everybody got their chopsticks in ready position....

and CHAR!!!!!!!!!!!

we all char until the floor also kena liao, hahaha, so happy

Dinner time!

My 'kau fu (the birthday man) & kam mou'

The family.

Singing : Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to uncle, Happy Birthday to you!!!!
WooHoo!!!!!! claps

Cut the cake! Cut the cake!

Leng Chai uncle finished his portion of the cake.

As for my Valentine present.....

Dear dear got it wrapped up nicely and he chosed everything by himself that's what he told me

Dear dear bought me a couple tee from Malacca.

and a baby mickey hot water container.

He even wrote me a card....hehehe gembiranya....

We didn't manage to go out for candle light or something which his sister and the boyfriend did at Indulgence Restaurant, but yet I'm happy enough to celebrate with the dearest and family. FYI, since dear dear came back for CNY holiday, he's been here with me every night.

So far we just watch Little Big Soldier. The others were fully sold out. Went to Jusco 2 days in a row also the same.

That's all. Tata.... n_n

Saturday, February 13, 2010

2010 rEuNION dINNEr

It's Chinese New Year and it's the year of Tiger. Yes, I'm referring to my year.

I just had my reunion dinner with my family.

My grandparents, my mom, my uncle and aunties and my 2 cousins were here.

Earlier we had reunion lunch with my another aunt and cousins as they needed to go back to Bukit Mertajam where the in-law is at.
We had 'pun-choi' for lunch which my uncle bought. It's a pot with many different dished in it; abalone, mushroom, fish, chicken, ham, vegetables and etc.

Grandmother prepared all the food by herself.

My dearest had presented me my Valentine's gift that I assume he bought from his Malacca trip.

I very 'ng se dak' to open it. This should be my first Valentine gift.
And the dearest wrote me a card.....lol

My cousins helped me guess what's in it and they are really smart. I already confirmed with the dearest about their guessing, hahaha and they just helped me with what I should wear for tomorrow.

First day of Chinese New year, it's also a Valentine's Day which is also my uncle's birthday and it's a SUNDAY!
I don't even know how to separate myself to 3 places at once!

But planned before hand, following mom to relatives house then dropped me to church and lepak until dinner where my cousins wanted to celebrate their father's birthday in my house which is a surprise.

It's gonna be a busy day.

Anyhow I wished everybody HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2010!!!!!