Sunday, March 28, 2010

19Th mArch

The other day, my colleague celebrated my birthday 2 weeks earlier by treating me at Fook Sing Restaurant (opposite Ipoh Garden's Tesco) They knew I liked to eat seafood and took me there for dinner after work.

It was still early when we got there, and we decided to walk over to Tesco for a walk and then come back later.

It was still empty when we returned but better than earlier that not even the tables and chairs are set up.

We ordered our main course from this uncle with his stall, Yat Seng seafood.

Then we moved on to order 'siu yu' - which I used to eat every night in Kampar last time from Shakira; the Ikan Bakar....

Next we ordered additional sushi rolls.

First stop, the fried oyster.

Then the chicken fried wings

And this is one of my favourite! The SI HUM!!!!!

And finally the main guest!

Doesn't really feel full after that lots, Jia Hao suggested that we go for 2nd round.
We headed to Sidewalk Ice-Cream Lounge.

It's a nice place to relax for a chat.

I wanted to come here with the dearest, but....sigh, never mind lar......

In the end, we laughed in there until the whole place also can hear us! HAHAHA

mOu WA hOr suET

dou ng meng bak dim gai yan dei pak tor gam hoi sam, ngo pak tor zao zau sai mei tau geh....sigh.....

hai, yau si hai hou hoi sam geh.....dan hai ci chong gor chi zi hao tong mai li yat nin lei fat san geh si, zao mou gam hoi sam jor lu.....

wo men siong dai, dim gai ngo bei yan hurt jor gam dor bai ngo dou jong gam gan cheong kui? kui gong mai sai dit ling yan siong sam ge suet wah, ngo dou jong yiu dui kui kam hou?

yan zoi ngan chin dan hai ge sam hui jor pin?

wo wen wo zhi ji zhen de hen ai ta ma? wo ke yi zhe yang xia qu mar?

wo xiang you yi ge hen ti tie de partner pei wo guo yi shen, wu lun si shen me qing kuang xia dou hen wen luan, hui encourage wo, teng wo, er bu shi tian tian zhi hui chai wo, hao xiang wo dui ta bu suen shen me. geng ta jiang hua dou hen shen qi ying wei wo bu ke yi ba hua shuo wan. dou geng ben mei you ren hui yao ting wo de hua, ting wo de xiang fa.

you wan dou chung yi ge yan ng nan, dan hai you wan dou chung yi nei ge yan hai hou nan.

quan bu zhi neng kao shang di, you shi hou hui hen duo lo, ke shi ta hui xuan yi ge hen hao de gei ni.

2 musIcAl INsTrUmENTs lEssON IN 1 NIGhT!!!!!

Do you know how it's feel when you stretch your fingers longer than you used to, to reach a note? That is what I am experiencing now! Cramp like mad dy!

I'm having 2 lessons a night; first guitar then the keyboard. My eyes started to role. Pressing computer keyboard also not that hard.

By the way, I got my half birthday present; a wireless keyboard & mouse from Logitech. My cousin Kelvin curi my mouse to use dy and dear dear forced me to get another one because he wanted to 'hit machine' with my laptop. CRAP! CRAP! CRAP! very expensive ah, this month I really very poor jor.

By the way, the mouse goes very fast and the keyboard is nice to press also. I wished I could use it in the office......God please bless me with another one, hehe n_n

I am very gila tired now. It is 1am now. Later 10am might be the first time I'm playing piano during service and my fingers are now going crazy!!!!!! I predicted I will get nervous and I will be kelam kabut in the end.

Sleep lo sleep lo, good night!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

I hAd A bAd dAY

I was awaken at 6am this morning because I felt hot. I heard my mom and grandmother looking for torchlight outside of my room. When I opened my eyes, everything is dark, then I realized there's a black out.

I got up and grabbed my phone and began to search for a torchlight in my drawer.
I realized the phone's screen light is not good enough for me....

I checked outside and found the whole neighborhood was in dark!
My mom called the TNB while me and my cousin using our man power fan to keep ourselves cool.....without realizing it I already went back to sleep

Until 8am, he called. At the beginning of the conversation I was happy, but by the end of it, I'm down through out the day......

Today, one of the youth really got me pissed off!!

I beh tahan his character liao!!!!! He is so rude talking to me as if I'm supposed to pick him up at 20 minutes before 4pm which is the RIGHT time for youth meeting. He can go and tell me that the youth meeting is at 430pm, so what's the problem of fetching him at 340pm?????? I went to tell him that the sms I sent it 4pm sharp and he didn't even take notice of it. He continue went saying, 'is there a problem?' I mean, 'YES, you are being no manners!'

I felt really angry until I beh tahan and I had to blow him off! I know it's a bad thing to do but I'm out of control.....I'm totally not in control this whole week and I'm totally jammed up with my job!

I had enough of this treating me like as if I'm a punch bag which had a tag saying 'feel free to come and punch me'.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

flAsh bAck

Well well, I'm gonna turn 24 in 2 weeks' time. I don't feel like I wanna grow up! But I had to accept the fact that my age GROWS!!

I took a flash back about my birthdays....

When I was young or ever since I remembered, birthday is all about FOOD!!!!
Red eggs, chicken drumsticks, red jelly, cakes and of course presents ^ ^
Back then I don't know what it really means except celebrating my age grows.

Without wondering why or even have the thought of asking, it's common sense for me that birthday must have all these things.....

But later on, don't know when and don't know why I just accept that if your parents give you all these things when they had the mood to give you, as years passed by as they grow old, celebrating is not on their mood anymore, then you don't have it......

My one year old birthday cake!

My mom holding me cutting the cake.... Look at the table there got so many food to eat!!

Then I wondered.

I am now in my room where this picture is taken just outside off my room 23 years ago.
So much had happened since then.

I had the first 3 years with numeric birthday cakes.
I supposed it was my daddy's idea.

Later on I had cakes with different size.

That was all the ten cakes my parents bought for me.
During my 11th birthday, my dad told me that I'm old enough, so no need to buy cake anymore.

That was all right, I don't eat cakes back then, I don't think I tasted all the tens.
I just missed the experience of blowing the candles and cutting the cake.

After that I received angpows, cookings by grandmother, birthday cards from my dear aunt Bee Bee and presents from few friends.

The most unforgettable birthday surprise was when I was in Kampar with my housemates, Kelly Wong we used to call her jie jie, Poh Suan we called her pan pan because she likes Panda and Connie we called her ne ne.

I was in my room back then if I'm not mistaken I was watching dramas then there was a knock at the door just as the clock reached midnight.
I went to open the door and there they are holding a cake and wished me happy birthday with presents!!
That was so cool for me. After all, that was just the only birthday surprise I had up to now.
But the saddest part of it, ne ne had left us.
The last time I talked to her was in KTAR Block D's hall; sitting outside the computer lab during my repeat period, chatting with her. That was the last time I saw her.

I had a big birthday party when I was 17, a treat from a dear friend at McDonald's. I felt shy went I come to meet him again. It was such a big treat as me and my japanese language classmates and my schoolmates were there as well.

My 21st birthday was very special to me.
It was the time when I officially in a courtship. My dad got me a 'key' and I got permission from my mom to come home a little bit late. I celebrated my birthday with dear dear and Wai Leong. Daddy waited for me to come home that night just to have a picture taken with me.
My daddy was happy in that picture, although he often forgets how old I am every year.

And there is one birthday is very meaningful to me and that's not my birthday.
It was Ping Chin's birthday where I was prompted to pray for her.
It was the first time I ever prayed for someone at their birthday and I was completely nervous.

And then I begun to realize what it means to celebrate birthday is all about.

We are the creation of God and our birth marks it.
It's a day where we thanked God for giving us life.
Parents to take care of you, friends so that you won't be alone, teachers to teach you, partner as accompany.

All this year I thought birthday is something what friends and family celebrate for a person, which also means that you remember and you treasure that person.
It was something each and every single one in the world would like to treasure their day.

At one stage I felt that birthday for me is just another normal day when not much people remember and there was no celebration. I wondered am I not important?

But now it wasn't about the celebration, the present, or the cake......

I am important to the one who created me.

I would be delighted if someone could pray for me on my birthday.

Although I wished that the dearest could come back on that day, on second thought, I shouldn't compare what I did and shouldn't be selfish..... so I've got to have self-control

Monday, March 15, 2010


Ephesians 6:1-2
Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. Honor your father and mother - which is the first commandment with a promise -

There is a difference between obeying and honoring. To obey means to do as one is told; to honor means to respect and love. Children are not commanded to disobey God in obeying their parents. Adult children are not asked to be subservient to domineering parents. Children are to obey while under their parents' care, but the responsibility to honor parents is for life.

* At what point of your life that you are not honoring and obeying your parents? *








Romans 15:7
Accept one another, then, just as Christ accepted you, in order to bring praise to God.

* Is there someone in your life that you find very hard to accept? *

If there is a person that you cannot accept comes in between you and your loved ones, is it worth awhile for that person to be the wall blocking the relationship between you and your family? Do you want that person forever be the giant in your life?








Proverbs 19:16 - 20
16 He who obeys instructions guards his life, but he who is contemptuous of his ways will die
17 He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord and he will reward him for what he has done
18 Discipline your son, for in that there is hope; do not be a willing party to his death
19 A hot-tempered man must pay the penalty; if you rescue him, you will have to do it again
20 Listen to advice and accept instruction, and in the end you will be wise.

* Is there in any situation, you find yourself do not want to listen to others who wanted to help you? Is your ego and temper are covering your eyes, your ears and your heart? *

So when you are "put on trial", do you think only about saving your reputation or are you more concerned about what people will think about Christ?

What you feel or thinks in some situation may hurts especially when you are the victim, but why not try to listen and take advice from others (at another point of view), better yet from GOD? This may help you to see things better than from suffering for the rest of your life where no solution for you to be happy.

Ephesians 4:26
In your anger do not sin. Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, and do not give the devil a foothold.

* Do not give the devil to have a reason to claim you from God *

Holding on to the anger do not bring glory to God and peace in your life








Proverbs 21:3
To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice.

* Concentrating on God is more meaningful *

Acceptance sometimes means to sacrifice your own standard of understanding about things.

James 1:19
My dear brothers, take note of this : Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to become angry, for man's anger does not bring about the righteous life that God desires.

Luke 6:36
Be merciful, just as your Father is merciful.








Matthew 15:3-6 (what seemed to be right doesn't mean it is right)
Jesus replied, " and why do you break the command of God for the sake of your tradition? For God said, 'Honor your father and mother and anyone who curses his father or mother must be put to death. But you say that if a man says to his father or mother, 'whatever help you might otherwise have received from me is a gift devoted to God, he is not to 'honor his father' with it.

* This was the practice of Corban. Anyone who made a Corban vow was required to dedicate money to God's temple that otherwise would have gone to support his parents. Corban had become a religiously acceptable way to neglect parents, circumventing the child's responsibility to them. Although the action - giving money to God - seemed worthy and no doubt conferred prestige on the giver, many people who took the Corban vow were disregarding God's command to care for needy parents. These religious leaders were ignoring God's clear command to honor their parents. *








Avoiding to see each other again to prevent argument between each other might seemed to be a solution but the truth is, it's just for a short term. The more you are against it, the more God wants you to face it. Why not find a solution from God and accept what God had planned for you? Jesus says "love your enemies! Pray for those who persecute you! In that way, you will be acting as true children of your Father in heaven." By loving and praying for our enemies, we can overcome evil with good. Trust in the Holy Spirit to help us show love to those for whom we may not feel love.

You cannot change a situation but God can while changing yourself as well. Prayer is always effective.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

ThE sTOrY Of sms

1st sms :
There is a high percentage that i'm going back tomorrow.....

the reply :
then tomorrow you can come late abit la, 815am because i will buy breakfast for my cousin first

2nd sms :
I said i'm not going back for tomorrow. Cause haven't finish...

So I rechecked my inbox.....
I know that I didn't read it wrongly...... and I don't have serious sight-reading problem.....

So I re-forward the 1st sms back to him
Then there was a complete silent for a long long time (my phone) until I felt asleep

Oh well, at least I don't have to wake up so early to prepare spaghetti tomorrow
Can sleep abit later.....






This weekend is a relaxing weekend for me.
Last night I re-watch 'er zou ju zi wen'....cried like mad again
Wanted to watch the sequal.....

Then this morning I went for a facial.
It was so comfortable and I felt asleep on it.
Thank you Aunty Jennifer for treating my sensitive skin, it is better now. too bad...someone cannot touch my nice smooth clean soft skin....
I hope she likes the egg tart and the blueberry cake

And then in the afternoon I went to buy 'fan shu dan' & ais cendol. So refreshing after the hot weather outside.
Then I had lunch at the airport while sending my mom and grandmother to Singapore. The food quite nice also....I must go to have it again.

I'm free from duty this weekend as well. That's 2 week rest in a row. It least this gives me some time to freshen up.






Just had a nice shower.....
My hair is getting beautiful and healthier thanks to Neways' Keratonic repairing mask (it's a treatment cream for hair)
It's feel nice to have a clean face since July, the last time I went for facial. So tempting to touch it.... n_n

Will be going out for a date tomorrow morning and dinner not with the boyfriend. Can't wait for it!!!!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

clEANING up ThE mEss

Since yesterday night I've been doing cleaning work to my room.

The result? I think I throw more than I used to.

The stuffs I stored in 2 big plastic box under my table for quite some time, I finally decided to throw them away.
All those movies and my own made collection of MVs, pictures, video clips etc.

I found that I got lots of movies and I decided to throw most of them where I won't be needing them anymore.

I don't feel like craving for dramas for now.

There several things that I was surprised to find. I already forgotten about them if I hadn't found them.
I found my old sailormoon chit chak purse....

I also found my old GB badge!
I thought I throw it....

It got cacated already, hahaha

And you won't believe what I found

My collection of Sailormoon erasers! In case you all don't know I liked Sailormoon.....
Used to collect them, was my favourite hero but now my hero is God!

I took out the erasers and throw the pencil box.....kinda ng se dak.....

My hand made little pocket

It was a kinda popular thing among some people to make this during my time in school.
My family was also into it.
I still remember I'd learned to make things out of straws; roses & carpets..... I'd had alot of fun doing it but everything was in half pail of water pun tong was kinda like my style of fashion.

Last but not least, my LOTR movie collection!

I was so into it then, I bought the books too but later sold it off dy....very sien to read, plus the english is way too far to understand. It was written by a professor of a university and the book was used as a reference book!

Finally, I managed to throw a full of the big black plastic bag of my stuffs. Will continue to clean as I arrange my stuff nicely first.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

mOvIE & puN chOI dINNEr

Thursday night me and my colleagues went for a movie; All Well Ends Well.

It's a funny movie that I would like to watch the second time with the dearest. So I called up my manager, Ms Wong after the movie and ordered from her.

Dear dear told me it's the best selling movie in Hong Kong for the past few years for the prequel.
Lucky got home before 10pm or else kena marah.....








Friday which is yesterday evening after work, I went for a 'pun choi' dinner at Kok Thai Restaurant which we ordered a day before.

The salted nuts already waiting for us when we arrived.

We called in and ordered the 'hoi mei pun choi' which doesn't have much meat.

This one was different from the one I had with my family.
The restaurant serves the 'pun choi' per head count. We picked the RM40 per head count.

The first layer....

Prawn, crab stick, broccoli, 'gung yu chi', scallop, abalone slice and 'fatt choi'.

The pig's feet. I didn't eat this one....not fond of it

The second layer.

I got an extra prawn, mushroom, squid, oyster, i don't know what that big hard white coloured thingy called, and the telephone! that's what i used to call it.

We also ordered extra shark fin soup! Delicious!

Lastly, we had an extra order because at first we thought the 'pun choi' was not enough to satisfy us. But in the end we can't finish the fried mee.

So full....

This is what's left in the pot.

Later that night when I got home, my cousin Ai Wyne asked me out for supper with the grandmother....zzzzz
I just ate a little and go for some drinks.








As half not expected the dearest said he's only coming back tomorrow morning. CRAPS TO THE MAXIMUM!!!

Oh well, he rugi only don't come back to have dinner at my house tonight. Granny's gonna cook rendang chicken because Ai Wyne and her boyfriend came back from KL.

On rest this week from guitar. Stayed at home a little longer before going out to youth meeting. Buy me some time to clear up my mess.

Friday, March 5, 2010


I'm so tired right now. Will off to bed in a short while after listening to 'The God I Know" first.

Will blog tomorrow morning if time allows.

I'm off duty as guitarist this weekend, therefore I can sleep a little longer.

My room is in a mess again, cleaning doesn't seemed to finish.

Excitingly awaits the dearest to come back tomorrow after his test! I hope it won't be a disappointment again.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

TWITTEr WINS OvEr plurk fOr mE

It's a joy for me that I finally can get back my mobile twitter on.

It's been almost a year since I last tweet with my phone where me & Jensen found out how to tweet with sms. Then few weeks later the system jammed up I think, so we no longer can use mobile tweet.

Later then we found out our line was not on the list available for the mobile tweet and eventually gave up.

Somehow there's a part of me still wanting to use sms to post something to my blog and my facebook. And so I tried once again for the mobile setting in Twitter, in the end it still doesn't work.

And so I asked Jensen yesterday whether is there any other program which has the same function as Twitter.


That's what he told me. I had no idea about it, so I went to search on web and got myself an account.

It is just like Twitter where a group of friends can chat through it plus it has something like a time line with all the followed plurks. Kinda blur with it at first, doesn't really like how it works.

I got it added as widget in my blog and facebook and on msn too. I was still looking for a mobile setting in it but I couldn't find.

Then I came to an article which says GladlyCast allows Singapore and Malaysia line to use sms on both Twitter and Plurk! and it only cost RM0.01 per sms. I was so excited about and tried it immediately.

Finally, I now can use sms on both Twitter and Plurk thanks to GladlyCast.

After that I found Twitter's upload is very slow compare to Plurk. I tested it for little longer and when it's steady, I decided to delete the plurk account. I like Twitter better than Plurk. (n_n)









Had an hour meeting after work with my colleagues discussing about the filing method we should plan when the new server is installed in our department.

The technician will come tomorrow to install the server and then I think they'll change my celeron pc away too. I'll be getting a server CPU which cannot use either disket or pendrive.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NEW lOOk Of mY prINcEss chAmbEr

Yeah... I changed my blog's template.....
Been searching for templates yesterday and started constructing it but then some gadgets and widgets are missing.....

Took me a long time to decide which one is the best and to figure out how to get things done......

Only decided this morning and changed immediately before work

I'm still working on my twitter which fails me for almost a year.... I thought after I get a new number it will work...
but it gives me a big sigh.....

The chat box and the twitter updates column is a bit cacat....I also don't know why....











Entering the 3rd month of the courtship anniversary and my birthday falls on this month....
So you guys better save money to buy me a present.....

Probably the sad thing that happened to me today was my dear dear only called me once TODAY (you know today is the day) and told me that he's going out for dinner with Tommy and then back home to sleep because he needs to get up early to study for exam tomorrow.... :-(

dang jor gam loi dak gor gat.........sobs sobs

hungry now tim.....









CP500 are giving me a headaches....

Had to make sure that they are the correct amounts, the right address to send to, the group of people that need to send together, and have to check whether the envelopes are correctly type.....pengsan dy

I just managed to finish recording the Form Bs I left it untouched for about 2 weeks! Busy with CP204 & Cp500 which is more important first.

Clients started to book in their stuff already and there are Form Es to be submit by the end of this month....which means I might have to work over time on birthday eve.....

My tables are in a mess since CNY holidays! I need to get it all clear as soon as possible. I always scared that I will left out something important. God, please help me!

mY NEW NumbEr

I got myself a new number - HOTLiNK!

I went out for lunch with Ee Leen and asked her to accompany me to get myself a number which preferable with '73' but with no luck, so I cincai choose one....not bad though

HOTLiNK is doing a promotion for youth - THE YOUTH CLUB

I bought this for RM8.80 and it has RM4 credit in it. I was advice to top-up another RM20
They are offering this promotion package to those youths age between 18 to 25 i'm included n_n with nationwide rates of 12 cents per minute and 4-year validity (min RM10 top-up per year) WORTH IT for some user like me! (cos I don't think I'll reload every month)

I found the extra service interesting which I don't have last time
- S.O.S Top Up : allows you to get emergency credit of RM2 in such an emergency occurs . It will be deducted from your next top up

- Call-Me-Back : allows you to send an emergency sms to your friend to call you back but you can only use this service 3 times a month and it's FREE!

- There will also be unlimited FREE CALLS on your birthday!

- A SURPRISE TREAT on the anniversary of the day you signed up!

So what are you waiting for??? Hurry grab one now!!!!!

Monday, March 1, 2010

3rd ANNIvErsArY.....

Erm.... how should I start of? Few more hours to countdown to our 3rd year anniversary.... he probably don't remember which exact also.....

On Saturday morning I got early and found myself doing an anniversary presentation on a power point.

Found it quite hard to edit all those photos and stuff.....
worst still I cannot insert songs and video clips, it says it couldn't support what a crap!

I finished it in few hours and burned it into a CD, I didn't had any food for 18 hours that day and still not hungry because got hurt the night before. Got hurt also got mood to do all this stuff! crazy feller!

Gave him yesterday, secret slipped into the dashboard without his notice.... but he curi tengok during church time I hide in my bag and he kept quiet until after dinner in my house...

But when he got back to Kampar he told me he couldn't open it
what happened to the CD????
And he also malas to wait through msn for the files to be send....
what point watching after the date also lar..... yat dit long man dou mou....

3 years lor.....For me, it was just like yesterday but then for him, it was like long long time ago....kik sei yan! no excitement also

So this year this day just as any other normal day lor.....go to work early in the morning - lunch - work again - off work go home - dinner - then sleep...... BIG SIGH!!

Last Thursday dear dear took me to Ally's birthday celebration party at Indulgence.
The food was not as good as 2 years ago when I went with daddy to my far cousin's wedding buffet.

But I like the picture taken....muahahaha!!!

Purposely got myself a hair cut a day before the celebration.
dear dear said he likes it n_n

Happy Anniversary dear dear!
Muacks! Love you!