Saturday, April 24, 2010


The dearest said the phone that I bought for him for his birthday SUCKS! and he hates it

Friday, April 23, 2010

NEW jOhNsON's bOdY cArE

The craziness of me went to buy these 3 new products even though I know I shouldn't.

The new production of Johnson's body care

1) Melt away stress - Daily Calming Lotion
with Aromasoothe helps melts away daily tension & promote better rest at night

2) Naturally White - Daily UV Lotion
Micro-Pigment sunscreen + active vitamin C & natural milk extract helps protect skin's natural-born fairness

3) 24 hour Lasting Moisture - Body Lotion
with shea butter, vitamin E & jojoba oil for touchable baby-soft skin

Wai Mun goes like : You buy lotion again ar? you like to collect lotion ar?

I inherited my dad's habit of collecting stuff like bottles, papers, nice plastics, glasses etc. I'm more extreme on collecting personal care products. Haha but I'm learning to finish them first before I get new one and at the mean time, I use more on Neways product although occasoinally I gatal tangan go buy other stuff.

Thou shall run away from temptation!


WhErE ArE YOu?

I missed my dear dear very much, but it seemed that he's too far for me to reach. The physical distance of 45 minutes doesn't seemed to be near at all. It seemed to be equivalent to 6 days of walking distance.

ngo yao liong gor din wa, dan hai ngo yiu sang wut hou chi mou din wa yat yeong, yan wai dou ng hor yi da bei ngo yiu da ge yan

I wondered how people in the olden days can live without a phone.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

hATE mE!

Why does everyone thinks that I'm a trouble maker? Giving me that kind of nasty look! Everything seems to hates me. My life hates me, my courtship hates me, my job hates me, and now my phone hates me. Why don't I hate myself to?


I would even run out from the toilet to listen to your call even if I'm on shower. Is it something wrong?

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Samuel, it's the name I found in the bible when I asked God what to name my first blog.

It basically means 'the heard of God'.

This came up to me again as today, I had a duty as the chairperson this morning in church. Usually when it's my turn, I used to choose songs that are not hard for me to sing because I tend to off key I know I'm not good in singing and my voice sounds like a kid.

This time around, I did something that the Holy Spirit leads me.

Earlier on I had the intention to ask my leader to skip me out of the duty because I had not yet overcome my stage fright. My voice would go tremble and my feet would shiver and I would forget the sequence to carry out the duty. My mind will also be empty and I cannot lead in prayer.

Just about last Sunday, I borrowed some book from Jensen and I started to read one of them titles 'Kissed The Girls and Made Them Cry - why women lose when they give in'. It just inspire me not to give up of doing what I'm assigned, if I can't do this simple responsibility well, then I wouldn't be assigned for a greater one. If I were to do it my way, then God steps back and let me have what my foolish willfulness demands.

When God gave you something and you didn't sow it well, He will take it away from you.

As I read the book, the song 'Sing, shout, claps your hands, give praise unto the Maker' keeps running in my head all of the sudden. I can assure this is not my type of song that I dare to sing in front of so many people and I don't have that strong voice to shout for it even if I wanted to.

I'm having that vision that I'll lead the congregation singing this song happily clapping hands above their heads with the beat of 'All For One' in HSM. I had a few days of wondering whether or not should I sing this song and at the same time I already found the verse for call to worship comparable with the song.

So I was like, 'huh? do I really had to do this?'

Saturday came and it's finally for the practice, Jensen don't know the song, Aunty Rebecca don't know the song, only Shawn knows how's it sound but he's on the drums and nobody can help me sing.....I was like 'oh no...' I even sing out loud in the car alone while driving myself back to see how far that I can go, I tried the lower tone, the higher tone, the true tone and the 'fake' tone until I cannot catch my breath.....

It was already decided that is the song to sing, and that script to read. I had no idea what am I doing but following what it leads me.

I was thinking how am I going to do it tomorrow until I can't sleep. So gan cheong, it happens all the time...

6am my alarm wake me up, feeling so lazy to get up, very tired.....
Woke up, went to bath, picking which clothes should I wear, mom asked me whether will I be using the car, applied my skin care products, make-ups, get my hair done, dear dear just reached on time to fetch me for breakfast, time for practice!

Practice practice practice practice practice practice practice

My first relieve came, ANNIE knows how to sing the song, asked her to sing louder for me.
Shawn gave me some last minutes advice on which way should be the best way to press the few chords so that I don't get into trouble in changing the chords.

TADA! It's time!

Okay, it started all right, not too much trembling, greeted the congregations, invited Pastor Chin to pray, sang the song (can't really hear whether or not my voice lari but don't care lar!) passed the worship to worship leader, go through the announcement and invited the speaker.


started to tremble.....uh oh.....(snapped on the forehead)

after listening to today's message, it just light up my brain

The danger of looking the circumstances instead on focusing on God, fear will overtakes you
Stand still and let's watch what God will do

It just reminded me of something that I shouldn't care too much - how imperfect am I

And the answer is : I'm not a perfect human! Why care so much about the unimportant which caused me to loose focus on God and let fear to overtake me? Of course it would be better if I could do it well but don't let that priority comes first than serving God.

In the end, I decided to sing that song again for closing. This time I carried out the vision!
I asked them to sing out loud, shout it out and clap their hands over the heads!


I heard my voice lari dy, but I DON'T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I even asked Shu Qi to mute the piano for a verse to let them clap the song with only the drums

Finished off with 3 fold amen! I'm off key already and I DON'T CARE. Hahahaha
Okay, I sounded I'm started to get crazy already.

I just pray that I can keep this mood of mine all the time to serve!

See, how amazing God takes control of things when we just do what He says.....

Friday, April 9, 2010

dON'T bE A dIsrEspEcTful pErsON TO gOd!

There is only one thing in this entire universe that is consider to be holy and that is GOD!
When someone hit the alphabet H.O.L.Y. S. _ . _ . T. = GOD IS A S _ _ T!!

This is such a disrespectful to God. I really get pissed off when I heard or see someone is saying that especially if he or she is a brother or sister in Christ.

We are not to misuse the name of God as it's one of the 10 Commandments. Therefore such word as O.M.G, saying J. E. S. _. S.! in a rude way of course, and etc. which we are not supposed to use as we were taught that these are the words that uses God's name is a disrespectful way.

If anyone out there had a habit using these word, I pray that you'll get rid of it before God of you!
If God stay away from you, you'll be in much trouble.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A vIsION???? Or mY OWN TOT?????

I had a vision about myself doing well this weekend as chairperson and there is this song suddenly came to my mind when doing a devotional God giving me a hint????? but i'm not sure if i can do it or not leh..... I really think that I should kick that something in my life that is preventing me from doing things that I'm supposed to do.....


To men :

1 ) If you found out that your girlfriend have a sickness that even the doctors are not sure whether how long does they need to cure her, what are you going to do?

2 ) If you found out that there is a possibility that your future partner might not be able to give birth, will you still want her? What if your parents disapproved?

3 ) What kind of life partner do you want? If she happens to turn out to be not on your list, why are you choosing her at the first place?

4 ) How do you identify that she is the person that you want to protect and build up a family with no matter what it takes? Can you provide that confirmation to her to have faith and trust in you?

5 ) In your opinion, what courtship should be like? Always pamper her, showing how much you love her, paying everything for her, cares for what she thinks and hearing her frustrations patiently even if she's a fierce tigress or you think that girls supposed do everything for you treating you like their king, do anything you ordered them to do, scold them whenever you feel like it?

6 ) Girls should sayang the guys more or vice versa?

7 ) What will you do and how much can you do to please your love one?








To women :

1 ) What kind of prince charming you consider a good boyfriend or husband?

2 ) Will you stay away from the boyfriend if you knew that his family disapproves you? Or will you stay away from him if your parents disapprove him?

3 ) How far can you do for a man that you love so much even if it costs the things that are previous to you?

4 ) What would you like your boyfriends to do when you are sad or would you want them to take notice of you about what you are thinking and what you want even when you don't have to say a word?

5 ) What is the image you think a happy marriage should have?

6 ) When you are in the arms of your prince charming, what are you thinking or feeling?

7 ) Should you treat the guys better in order to gain their interest or the guys should please you to gain your interest on them?

Monday, April 5, 2010

31sT mArch - mY bIrThdAY

Well, it was rather a surprising day or not.....

I went to work as usual, the first time in 3 years I attended work on my birthday while the previous I took leave. I was tempted to take leave a week before but come to think of it I've got nothing to do on that day, I don't dare to ask whether the dearest is coming back or not. I wanted it to be a surprise and yet I can't decide what to do, so go to work lo....

I went to work wearing my favourite pink clothing and received smss' from friend wishing me 'Happy Birthdays!' thank you thank you

The dearest sent me a wish too saying 'Today is your birthday...just wanna wish you that your dear dear will love you more than the previous year:-*'

I was kinda disappointed when he couldn't wait until 12am to accompany me....where as Sze Yan messaged me at sharp 12am...touched....

My colleagues took me out for lunch to KFC!! Wanna try the Colonel Royal Briyani set..... it was norm.... it doesn't really satisfies me....

it comes with a clock which sets the sound of a chicken

Later on about 3pm, the dearest called and his girls wished me birthday through the phone. He asked me whether do I want him to come back that evening or not. OF COURSE I want!!!!! but I didn't tell him that lar, I let him decide whether he want to be back or not. He just finished his presentation, and I was worried that he travel back alone. One thing I geram was, he kept mentioning about Baskin Robbins ice-cream got discount on that day (31st mar....of course lar) and more over I'm in pink but then he didn't buy me one scoop also......sat mong.....

When he already decided to come back, I had to plan for myself how am I going to wait for him? It was raining heavily that time, so he said he will come late about 7pm or the rain slightly slower which ever comes first. Therefore I asked my colleagues whether are they doing overtime for the night or not because I thought staying until dear dear comes to pick me from work place. Then they said go yumcha with me at Secret Recipe to accompany me until dear dear comes.

Wai Mun ordered a kid's meal which caught up my appetite but I had to keep myself in control. If I load some food then I cannot reload with dear dear at Good Times Restaurant for steamboat!

Ms. Wong's order was not bad at all......I really want to have them......

The least I want = Jia Hao's dinner

Afternoon eat chicken, dinner eat chicken, he told us when he got back his mom cook chicken for him.....pengsan.....

Dear dear came to pick me up from Secret Recipe to Good Times Restaurant for steamboat. He came in his formal leng chai yea,I know, in my eyes only..... and we go yin yeong hei sui....hahaha a term I learned from my colleagues....

Sent me home after that and stayed until midnight only go back to Kampar.....

a favour : if you are Christine Kong or Ah Teng reading this, please don't tell Aunty Jennifer that he came back.... I don't want him kena marah oh......