Monday, July 12, 2010

fIfA WOrld cup fEvEr 2010 sOuTh AfrIcA

It's been a while since I updated my princess diary. It's been a busy June and July for my work. The busy work keeping me lazy to update.

The Fifa World Cup just ended this morning around 5am and Spain had their victory. I'm not a usual football fan actually but I watch because of dear dear is a football fan and he kept filling me with all the football stuff.

The game started on 11th June til 12th July. 11th of June was on Friday, dear dear promised me to come back that day therefore I got myself to prepare food or snacks for him to watch in my house. I went to Tesco immediately after work to buy kiwi, strawberry, apples and grapes. I bought him Golden Kiwi as recently someone introduced to him and he said it was nice, so I went to get for him.

It was sweet!

And then I thought of making sushi for him. I had my trial the other day. My cousins said it was alright.

I made tuna roll and cucumber + prawn roll

I know it doesn't look good because my cutting skills is bad.

So I got this heart shape clipper to cut out the shape out of a seaweed and place on top of the sushis.

My sushi was waiting for him that night but he was late. He over slept in Kampar because it was raining in the evening. I called him and was wondering what took him so long. Only then he pack and came back.

That weekend he stayed in my house for 3 days to watch football match with my Aunty Kim when mom and grandmother went to Singapore to visit Aunty Bee Bee. And that was my first time going out at 3am to watch a match at Mcdonald's. I was totally out of my mind!

During this world cup period, I got myself a set of Mcd's for a contour glass of football

I had to get a set of any burgers in large and a sundae to get the free glass. There are 6 glass in total, I only get the last 4.

I didn't watch all the matches because I got overtime to do at work and some personal accounts. I just watch few matches plus the semi-final and the final.

I slept at 930pm last night and asked dear dear to wake me up at 230am to watch the finals. The night before we just slept for 2 hours so I was quite tiring and sleepy. I got up at 230am when dear dear called and watch the match until 90++ minutes, still haven't score a goal yet. Therefore I planned to take a 5 minutes sleep before I continue to watch again because I was 'fishing' already. In the end I overslept until 5.55am when I saw the clock. OH NO!!!!!! I missed it just a few minutes when Spain score the goal that made them this year's winner.

I watched highlights this morning and watched how they score that goal. Spain got a lot of chance to score but they made a lot of mistakes as well. This year's final both team had never won the world cup before, therefore you can see their faces urges for the cup.

When I called dear dear about the result this morning, he was still playing his guitar. He was already tired the whole weekend; chatted with me on the phone until 2am on Saturday morning and stayed up for the match on Sunday morning which we barely sleep for 2 hours and almost late for practice. Thanked God we slept overnight in church which buy us some time to rest for another hour.
Today he slept the whole morning and afternoon until he sms me in the evening. I am very sleepy right now as well and I felt like I'm floating but I need to finish this blog before I get some rest.

Remembering 4 years ago I accompany dear dear watched the world cup at Shakira Kampar as a friend until 5 in the morning and it's just the 2 of us and we had "SI HUM"!!!!!! It was one of the moments that crafted deeply in my memory. It wasn't my style to stay up late that time but I went anyway to accompany him.


Thursday, July 8, 2010

ThAT sOmEONE....

If I could have......

<3 that someone who could have notice me when I'm feeling down and cheer me up

<3 that someone who could understands me

<3 that someone who could know what I'm thinking at the moment

<3 that someone who could know what I want and take cares of what I need

<3 that someone who could protects me when I gets bullied

<3 that someone who could attends me when I got a hand cut

<3 that someone who could share his thoughts to me and I would know what they are thinking

<3 that someone who could listens to my sorrows and wipe my tears for me

<3 that someone who could I trust my hand to when I fall down and lifted me up

<3 that someone who could share secrets between the 2 of us and there would be none between us

<3 that someone who could not wait to come and give me a hug when I needed it

<3 that someone who could protects my mind and my heart

<3 that someone who could be there for me always

<3 that someone who could never gets tired to make me laugh

<3 that someone who could never abandon me at any circumstance

<3 that someone who could never leave me alone

<3 that someone who could lend me a shoulder to cry on

<3 that someone who could comforts me when I'm on pressure

<3 that someone who could always be patient in many ways

<3 that someone who could never gets tired of phone calls with me

<3 that someone who could never says goodbye to me

<3 that someone who could forever be kind and gentle

<3 that someone who could encourage me to do great stuff that I wanted to do

<3 that someone who could support me in many ways

<3 that someone who could never makes me cry

And I know all of the above I could not expect it from anyone except God alone. No one could ever be as perfect as God's love to me. Expectation is good but one thing I must learn is to allow that someone to love me in their ways instead of changing that someone to love me the way I wanted them to love me. Sometimes high expectation could bring a very bad situation and it could effect a person into depress. See things from a different way might just be the answer.