Monday, November 1, 2010


This morning when I came in to the office, I noticed something happened because someone's been complaining. I went to her place and saw the lamp cover was dropped on the floor. It might happened during the weekends. Thanked God nobody was in the office when it happens. And I was told that Perlis had a twister during my holiday in KL during the weekend. My trip was blessed by God, it was all cloudly but no rain at all.

The dearest came to pick me and my family at the train station and he told us Ipoh had heavy rain. This morning my colleague told me that there might be strong wind / twister in Ipoh because near her house in Tambun, a few roof tiles were blown away. My office's roof tiles were blown away as well last Thursday and caused the ceiling to have leakage.

I just pray that thing wouldn't go worst here...