Wednesday, February 9, 2011

sTrAWbErrY mOmENT....

Last Wednesday was my first visit to De Garden's Strawberry Moment with the dearest. Of course it was after we had our own reunion dinner with our family members. We didn't plan to go there at first but we couldn't think of any other place else.

I sat down and I wanted to order a mango delight with strawberries but the dearest asked me to order something else.

Quite nice the ice cream with the wrapper. The strawberry's a bit sour but overall it's delicious.
It's kinda expensive for a place to yum cha because a dessert like this caused over 10 ringgit.

The dearest ordered a strawberry milkshake. *i don't like this one* I usually don't like milk and moreover this one is with strawberry... I know many people like strawberry but I only like to eat the fruit and not drinks. I do not know why. No matter what other people tell me how delicious it was, I still cannot understand to taste of it.

The look of his expression tells me that he likes his milkshake and he's enjoying it.

The thing that I like going there again is the magazine they are providing. All of it talks about cameras!!! It teaches how to catch by angle, what effects that can make a dull picture turns out to be an interesting one. I should go get one!

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