Monday, March 21, 2011


This weekend is a totally an unhappy weekend for me. Since Thursday I was told that the shop's invoices are not complete and mom couldn't find it anywhere at home or in the shop, and the accounts for last year is not up-to-date which someone called up mom and told her the account doesn't tally with the ledger but it is only few transaction was omitted. When I got to the audit firm they also telling me the same thing not tally and when I checked it is only few transaction was omitted. The part I was really stress is that 8 months of invoices we couldn't find. We thought the woman already taken it but thanked God she was willing to tell where she put it when we called her up to ask. 2nd thing of that day that stressed me up is that I had to do the P&L Balance Sheet, Manufacturing Accounts, Trial Balance, Trade Debtor & Creditor list, Fixed Asset List and FD Interest list. I thought I could finished it during the weekends but the FD list is killing me. Until today I still couldn't get it right.
At the same time I got news that Wai Yee's mom was admitted to hospital due to small stroke but might due to cancer explained the doctor. I went to visit her after work on saturday and at the same time I had to record a cheque book of transaction into the accounting system because I had to returned the cheque book by that day.
I told mom on Saturday that I only return home after dinner. When I got home, it was only 8pm and it was raining heavily. When I just put down my bag in my room, my mom kept yelling that she couldn't get the sales tax right. I sat down and calculate for her but she used her finger to poke my head. I was so stress up and got really angry until I raised my voice at her not to poke my head anymore. I was helping her to do the stuff and is this what I get? I cried out in front of her and I don't care. I amend the accounts until past mid night and I was so tired everyday.
The next day, it was sunday morning. It was my phone's alarm starting to give me problem. I put my phone on the charging mode before I went to bed but on Sunday morning I couldn't hear the alarm. Not because I overslept but because my alarm didn't ring at all until dear dear called me at 5 minutes before 8am telling me that he almost reach, then only I realised the phone couldn't charge and caused the alarm couldn't function. The worst part of it I heard a sentence saying 'nei hou yeh'. I really don't need that at that time. I know I'm already late that statement really made me felt worst like everything is my fault. Everyone and everything else is what therefore whatever I do is everything wrong.
And right now the FD accrued interest is driving me crazy. No matter how I calculate I also cannot get. If I couldn't get the FD right then the P&L Balance sheet also cannot give auditors. I really want to cry already.

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