Tuesday, April 19, 2011


The first official picture in this blog taken by new baby


Th@Nk YOu @uNTY rEbEcc@

It's been a long time that I've abandoned my blog. I've been lazy and it was like 'not in the mood' to blog. Today holiday ma...so I decided to take some time to spend with the blog la....if not nobody come to visit liao... :'( :'(

My birthday passed....about 19 days ago?? Yeah.... I'm 25 this year but I don't feel like I'm 25; still very 'sai lou kor' (that's what the dearest always called me)

Okay, this post I'm gonna blog about what happened after my birthday; 2 day
s after my birthday to be exact. I received a called from my youth leader; Aunty Rebecca and she
wished me happy birthday wor... and then she said she wanted to treat me for dinner. She suggested MICHELANGELO!!! muahahaha!! The place I always wanted to go but the dearest doesn't want to go with me. Finally!

Well, Michelangelo is a pizzaria restaurant which serves Pizza and spaghetti at Ipoh Garden East. Vincent always bising to go there every time he comes back from KL because it's the better place compared to Pizza Hut and Domino's.

Though the place was quite small and the furnitures seemed to narrow the walking path, it serves Pizza in a different style.

The food that I like the most there is the tuna spaghetti!!

It was all good except for the last one, cinnamon giant cake. The taste is too heavy liao plus we all also kenyang after the pizza and spaghetti. It's real big size.

Thank you aunty Rebecca for treating me!!

PS : I don't think I like the new blog setting, I couldn't easy cut and paste the photos. I had to dragged them part by part because it won't auto scroll down...zzz sweat....